About me

cropped-cropped-watchingmovies-icon.pngI am a big fan of movies and football, that is why I decided to create this blog as a leisure activity. Watching Movies with Carlos is a space created to analyse and discuss movies and series. I am going to try to keep this space updated, in both, Spanish and English to have access to more opinions and points of view.

The main idea of this page is to allow participation in movies that are not popular, even though the popular ones will also be analysed. The analysis includes among other things the plot, the characters, the actors and the end. Besides, it is going to be special notes of each movie and information of interest about each of those. At the end, I will give it a score to the movie, taking into account specific criteria that will lead to a global score according to my own weighing.

It is very important for me interaction with you guys, that is why I would like to receive your opinion, comments and your own score for the analysed movie. Besides, every single recommendation of you about movies to analyse will be more than welcome.

Clicking on the menu contact you can write me whatever you want to suggest or ask, as long as, that be in a respectful way or at least I hope so. I will answer every single message.